About Ken Lee

I guess what I like best about photographing in nature is the being there. Being there in the sense of being fully present or in the moment. As soon as I put my eye to the camera, I become completely focused on what I am seeing. All of the normal background noise in my brain; random thoughts, anxiousness, things I need to do or plan are suddenly gone, if only temporarily. I'm just there, all there. I try not to romanticize the experience too much. I believe these sensations are just normal manifestations of the creative process that we all experience from time to time. Out in the wild, however, I do feel a deeper sense of stillness, rightness, connectedness. I'm sure the sheer beauty of my surroundings, feeling the elements on my skin and so forth all influence my perceptions. Whatever the reason, I always come away with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and peace. It's a great feeling and I hope I can convey some of what I experience through my images.